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Year after year, in large cities and small rural communities alike, the compelling drama "Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames" is impacting churches all over America.

If your congregation has a desire to reach your community for Christ, Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames is an effective tool. With the proliferation of Internet, DVD's, Video Games, television, and security concerns America is becoming homebound. And yet it's never been more important to reach people with the Gospel of Christ. Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames breaks through with an old-fashioned gospel message presented in a modern way." There is Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun." If you feel church growth has stalled or your congregation is becoming complacent a "Heavens' Gates and Hell's Flames" crusade might be just the vechicle you need.

This live drama draws its cast from among your church members. The plays are strictly focused to ensure a consistent performance every time. A highly trained and experienced director comes to your town, trains the cast, brings the lighting, sound, costumes, sets, props, and directs the drama. Because of this need to maintain excellence and predictability the drama is not available as a script, nor can scenes be lifted from the production for local use.

If you would like to pursue the possibility of hosting a Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames crusade click the link below or call (501) 753-2108. More information and details can be found by viewing this page.

For or pastor or church staff member interested in hosting a drama.